The Beach Towel, Reimagined

Much like you, we were tired of clumpy, wet, heavy beach towels that were bulky, smelly, and more of a burden than a solution. We decided to change that by creating a Shore Thing.

Shore Thing beach towels are built with a high performing, microfiber technology that help keep you clean and dry. Our ultra lightweight, compact towels are meant to keep the sand at the beach, and off your body.


 Designed for practicality, comfort, and style. 

You're headed to the beach or the pool for a nice, relaxing day. Pack the cooler, grab the chair and a speaker to play music. Before you know it, your hands are full. Worst of all, you know you still need to grab a beach towel. What’s worse, by the end of the day that towel will be covered in sand, soaking wet, and smelling of sunscreen and mildew. We knew there had to be a better way. 

Shore Thing was designed with three things in mind. Sand free, compact, quick drying. And don't forget a dash of style. You want something practical and stylish on the beach, and we offer just that.  

Sand free.

Using the latest microfiber technology we have designed the first towel that is truly sand free. You'll be amazed by how easily sand just shakes off our signature designs. 


Our towels are oversized, measuring 80x160cm. For those of you on the metric system like us, that 31x63 inches! Don't let that size fool you. Shore Thing towels are designed to fold down to practically nothing, and even stuff into a compact carry bag that is designed to be taken on the go. These are the lightest, most durable towels you will ever use. 

Quick drying.

Our microfiber technology is so advanced that our towels dry in half the time of a typical beach towel. A quicker drying towel means you are out of the water and back to laying in comfort faster than ever possible before. 


Our designs are both simple and complex. If you have a loud personality, we have a towel to meet your style and will help you turn heads. If you're laid back, we want you to have a great performing towel that looks great while not being overly flashy. Our designs are 100% created in house and only available from Shore Thing. 

Whether heading to the beach on a weekend getaway, or spending the day at the pool, you want a towel that will keep you clean and dry. We believe that once you try Shore Thing towels, you'll never leave home again without it.